davefromsuisun (davefromsuisun) wrote in microsoft_xbox,

How fast until Xbox original games stop being made?

I just bought a used Xbox (NOT 360) after owning a junky Gamecube for a couple years. I've hated the Gamecube and its game portfolio ever since I bought it, and now that I have an Xbox and a few decent games I feel like a man who's been given water after dying of thirst. Well, maybe that's an exageration, but needless to say Xbox is badass.

Here's my concern: I've essentially bought an obsolete system -- AGAIN. But, damn, even at my age with the dollars I pull down I can't justify buying an Xbox 360 at a price that is twice the price, with all the bells and whistles, I paid for my PC.

So does any gamer know how long I've got until they stop making Xbox original games?
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